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Konnichiwa - AoiChan desu :) Empty Konnichiwa - AoiChan desu :)

Post by AoiChan on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:41 pm

Hello to all Smile  I'm new here but definitely not new in the world of manga Razz

I've read alot of manga from straight (romance) to Yaoi (boysxboys) and down to Yuri (girlsxgirls) but definitely I am not even enjoying Yuri and some of the horror or so much killing reading on manga.

I also do a manga collection but some of them are not completed since some of them are not in the bookstore and had to do it online.

I also like watching anime and one of my hobbies is... downloading anime now I got almost 4TB of anime Smile

Hmm..... BTW... I am a girl and married Smile also in 30's got 5 children (oldest is 19 and 8 is the youngest) got 3 boys and a twin girl Smile Smile  My hubby is very understanding so no problem on anything .. I only do is sleep, eat, watch some anime or even reading some Doujin Yaoi Razz he doesn't care as long as I'm happy queen


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Konnichiwa - AoiChan desu :) Empty Re: Konnichiwa - AoiChan desu :)

Post by Fehl on Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:12 am

Aw thanks for the introduction Aoichan ^~^
Your husband seems like a sweet man, and wow, five kids! (psst get them all into anime Wink)

And no worries about the genres! I, myself, am not a big fan of yuri either haha! What mangas and anime would you say are your top 5 best? They can be new and recent, or old and classic!


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