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Post by AoiChan on Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:18 pm

Role you are applying for (First priority): Typesetter

Other roles you could do (optional): Cleaner - removing FXes & Redrawing (i might not good at redrawing now) since my last work was 2-4yrs ago.

Nickname (what you want to be known as):  AoiChan

Timezone: PH time i am not good at GMT Razz sorry but I'm using US time GMT-8 Pacific  

Hours a week available: Anytime - Flexible

Past Experience (if none, state n/a): Cleaner, Re-drawer and Typesetter

Series you are interested in (if none, state n/a): Definitely Yaoi Razz  

Genre you aren't comfortable with: If associate with Yuri please count me out, sorry

Other information (let us know a bit about you~):  I'm a housewife and got 5 children but they're not kids anymore Smile No need to take care of them xD ... Oh but I am not that old O_O still on my 30's. Legally my hubby allowed me to read, watched and join some voluntary Yaoi scan group. I live before in US and now I'm staying here in GenSan., Philippines that's why I am more used to on the time of US than PH. If there's more to know ask me anytime I'm happy to answer you anytime ^_^


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[Typesetter] AoiChan Empty Re: [Typesetter] AoiChan

Post by Fehl on Mon Mar 20, 2017 12:07 am

Aoichan! Welcome to Dayment Scans Smile
I hope to see more of you and your work here ^~^ Welcome aboard~

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