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Post by Fehl on Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:14 pm

Hi hi~

Wow, I'm thrilled that you decided to come see my profile Smile
I guess I'll just start with how Dayment Scans first came about. I started out as just proofreader, but since Dayment Scans was just starting out (as in it was made the day I applied haha), I decided to put myself in charge of managing the forum and proofreading our projects~ (That's why if you ever decide to post on the forum, I'll be the one to answer you... oh and your welcome messages! If you sign up to be a member, you get a written response that I actually write myself each time. No copy and paste, I promise~)
I'll be managing new staff with my other founder, and I'll be checking out everyone's proofreading for a set amount of time (then you can proofread anything without worry!) If you want to be a editor, you can choose whether you want to train under me or Istima (most of our info is the same, but if you like typesetting with all-caps fonts, you'd go with me).
Soooo more onto the fun stuff! I'm a really happy person (or I hope I am Wink ) who loves tildes. ~ <-- these things... They're just the best thing you can use~ ^~^ I also love shoujo manga, and I love editing manga/manhwa better than webtoons (but I love reading webtoons more!) My favourite food is sushi and mangoes <3

I hope that you guys look forward to how Dayment will be doing in the future ('cuz I sure am~) and I hope you all look forward to our releases, too!

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Post by dayment on Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:38 pm

I love sushi and mangoes too XD

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