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Post by Luxieven on Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:43 am

Role you are applying for (First priority):Cleaner
Other roles you could do (optional): Editor, Proofreeader
Nickname (what you want to be known as): Luxieven would be fine.
Timezone: GMT +8:00
Hours a week available: 38 hours or so
Past Experience (if none, state n/a): I am self- taught till' this day forward. I am currently in BAP scans
Series you are interested in (if none, state n/a): Anything at all! ( I adore Webtoons!)
Genre you aren't comfortable with: Yuri, just the cringy NSFW ones.
Other information (let us know a bit about you~): I am a first year high schooler; during my free time I dedicate my time to finish the certain project/ task given to be finished. I am an ambivert :3. I take interest in any genres! Mostly yaoi though. I am a journalist and an animator/ digital artist who is working for boredom. And lastly, I am a potato with standards lol.

I would to be a great help and be a part of the team,

Thank you!


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[Cleaner] - Luxieven Empty Re: [Cleaner] - Luxieven

Post by Fehl on Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:04 pm

Hey Luxieven~

I sent you a PM ^~^ Thanks for applying!

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