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Post by NibbPower on Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:27 am

Hello everyone,

I joined like whenever I made this account. I never introduced myself. My name is Sally or you can call me Shally. Either one is fine. I learned about Manga Scans when I was reading mangas from OneManga (old manga sites, from years back, around 2006~) The first scanlation group that I joined was OurTranscendence. I didn't actually joined to help, more like a reader fanatic. They started to become strict over the years, so I left... More like... everyone at that time left along (2011). So then I moved into other scans, took practices and crap. The first official group I joined was Misty Rain Scans... and I moved on from scans to scans.

I went under:
NibbPower, `Shally., `Oppa., Harutora, ... etcetc.
I started off as a Cleaner, because I wasn't really sure on my English Proofreader, overtime it got easier. I started learning to do redraws, so far so good. I pretty much know everything except translations.

Simple Bio:
Name: Sally
Race/Ethnic: Asian - Chinese - Cantonese & Mandarin. (I can speak and understand Cantonese, but I can only understand Mandarin) Yes, it means I can't read or write.
Occupation: Third Year College Student
Interest: Gaming + Music + Anime + Netflix & Chill
Orientation: Bisexual + Single (But I rather not be in a relationship... they never go too well for me... Can't find that perfect someone yet ;D)

Sooo yeah, nice to meet you all. I don't usually communicate because I don't know what to talk about...


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[Proofreader] Hello (: Empty Re: [Proofreader] Hello (:

Post by Fehl on Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:20 pm

Hey Sally!

It's so nice to see you take the time to write all this - thanks ^~^ It means a lot to me. And wow that is quite the history! I hope you've been enjoying Dayment Scans, and given your history in scanlation, know that any suggestions you may have are greatly appreciated!

It's pretty neat that you know different languages though Smile it's always handy to know a few, especially when travelling haha Smile What games do you play?

It's great to get to know you better! Thank you for your hard work as a proofreader, and good luck in future releases and school!

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