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Post by Fehl on Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:38 pm

Hey there~

Thanks for taking the time to check out our recruitment page! Whether you choose to join us or are just checking to see what we're looking for, we hope you find our group suitable for you. You have two choices of how you want to apply:
1) Just make a topic in the recruitment forum (this one) with the topic as: [ROLE] - Your nickname
2) Fill out the form at  If you have multiple positions you'd like, just indicate in the form (look below for a template) but state your first priority in the subject. This goes for the forum post as well.
An example could be [Cleaner] - Fehl

Then in the message/post, please write the following (you can copy and paste Smile )
Role you are applying for (First priority):
Other roles you could do (optional):
Nickname (what you want to be known as):
Hours a week available:
Past Experience (if none, state n/a):
Series you are interested in (if none, state n/a):
Genre you aren't comfortable with:
Other information (let us know a bit about you~):

First off, please make sure that you are able to compress files into a .rar or .zip! It's very important that you can open these as well. Another important note is that we are open with projects - that is, if there's a project you'd like to do, but there's already staff assigned to it, just ask! We're open to shuffling people around for you. Please make sure that you have a google account, as well!

Here is a short description of each of the roles:
The ones who help make manga something people all over the world can enjoy. If you understand Japanese, Chinese, and/or Korean, and have a good grasp of English, then please try out for this position!

Rotating, cropping, leveling, dusting and taking out the original text might seem like a huge load of work, but that work gives the high-quality look that manga gets. Another huge role that we need.

The ones who put the text in the manga. Copy and paste is your best friends~ You get to work with a lot of fonts to make the manga look special.

This is a combination of both a cleaner and a typesetter! If you're an independent editor that doesn't want others to touch your stuff, this would be the role for you. Please take both the cleaner and typesetter tests.

Proofreader [CLOSED]
If you are Grammar Nazi, someone who enjoys picking out mistakes, or someone who cringes at horrible sentence flow, you would fit this role. While our translators are amazing, they might make a few errors in their translations and it's the proofreader's job to help fix that.

Contact us and we'll set you up to become a staff member here!

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Post by dayment on Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:20 am

Please don't apply on this forum anymore. This forum is dead. Please send an email to us on this page to join us!

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