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Post by AquaEG on Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:41 pm

Role you are applying for (First priority): Proofreader
Other roles you could do (optional):Typesetter, cleaner (though, I primarily work with Gimp 2 so not sure if it's up to par with what your group expects out of a cleaning and typesetting job haha).
Nickname (what you want to be known as): Aqua is fine Smile
Timezone:Atlantic Time Zone UTC-04:00
Hours a week available: 40+ hours. Right now, I'm in my gap year after high school and before college and I'm currently only working part-time so I have quite a lot of time to devote to helping out. Smile My availability is my greatest asset!
Past Experience (if none, state n/a): Used to be a proofreader at Kawa Scans (Tokyo Ghoul briefly, +tic Neesan, and I personally worked on Gaussian Blur and King Golf) but had to quit to focus on exams.
Series you are interested in (if none, state n/a): I'm open to working on all projects Very Happy your webtoons look really interesting! I enjoy shojo and yaoi as well, so feel free to push those on me haha! (Fujoshi in the house xD)
Genre you aren't comfortable with: I'm cool with all genres! Sports might be a little tough, since I realize that proofreading a sports manga requires an understanding of the sport which I'm not all that confident I have.
Other information (let us know a bit about you~): I graduated high school this year, and I currently work as an English and Maths teacher for kids at a Learning Centre (does that make me a little more qualified for this job? xD) I'm from an island :3 and I love anime, manga, manhua, webtoons, k-dramas, books and various other quirky things. I'm pretty friendly and you can talk to me about anything Razz I hope you let me help you guys! Thanks for reading this! ^^


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[Proofreader]- AquaEG Empty Re: [Proofreader]- AquaEG

Post by Fehl on Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:00 pm

Hey AquaEG!

I've sent you a PM ^~^ Thanks for your application!

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