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How to Suggest a Project  Empty How to Suggest a Project

Post by Fehl on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:24 am

Got a manga or manhwa you want to see? Well, you're in the right place.
To make a suggestion, please create a new topic with your suggestion. If you have multiple suggestions, please make multiple topics.  You should make the title of the topic like this [Name of Manga/Manhwa - Author/Mangaka]

Then, on the thread, just list a few things (you can copy and paste this~)
Possible Raws: (ex. Online, CD Japan, etc)
Brief Description:
Was it previously scanlated: (If yes, then by which group, as well as their last release of this manga. We don't want to get in trouble for picking up a project that another group is already doing, because that ends up in conflicts and nobody likes that >_<;;...)

Once you've done so, we'll be sure to take a look and will respond to you for more information. However, please note that not all suggestions will be accommodated, as we have limited staff. Of course, we'd be more open to picking up/starting out a manga if you apply for it as well ^~^

And with that, I'll let you all off with a "Happy Suggesting!"

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